Summer Day Camp Details

Lifetree Day Camps is filled with fun, faith, and friendship…

But what does that mean?

It means that every activity was intentionally designed to stick in your children's memories with positive impact. One day they might learn how to grow crystals that glow-in-the-dark and realize that God created them to shine, too. Or one day they'll play a wacky game of Grasshopper Tag, and connect with other kids who become best friends, because Grasshopper Tag encouraged him to step out of being shy and connect with other kids.

Unlike camps that focus on just one thing, Lifetree Day Camps will stretch and shape your entire child – mind, body, and soul. Whether they’re with us for one week or the entire summer, your kids will experience something unforgettable.

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How Lifetree Day Camps Work

As pioneers in Christian children’s programming, the creators of Lifetree Day Camps developed a rotational model of experiential learning which keeps kids engaged and excited about what’s happening all day long. (At least Monday thru Friday...the weekends are up to you!)

In addition to opening music, skits, and team time, kids travel in multi-age crews between 4 stations throughout the day:

  • Station 1: Games

    These aren’t your ordinary games! Packed with high-energy motion, day camp games will stretch their mind, body, and soul.

    • A relay race turns normal kids into crazy bugs! Did you know bugs are teeny tiny, but God’s love for us ENORMOUS and we can love others in a BIG WAY?!
    • Spider Soccer turns regular soccer into a team challenge! Connecting with 3 other kids creates an 8-legged soccer monster, and forms 4 new friendships!
  • Station 2: Crafts

    Kids put their imagination to work when they create unique and brain-teasing crafts!

    • Sea shell wind chimes make a soothing sound when rustled by the wind. The wind chimes remind us that sometimes we need to believe in things we cannot see.
    • Creating a glow-in-the dark bowling set turns an old game into a brand-new experience!
  • Station 3: Skills

    Kids can do tough stuff! At the Skills Station we discover how to do a wide spectrum of interesting things.

    • Being stranded on an island isn’t fun! Kids learn how to desalinate salt water after learning how important water is for survival. And even though the ocean is wild and crazy, God gives us peace!
    • Send messages in Morse Code with flashlights and learn how to communicate in the dark!
  • Station 4: Science

    At the Science Station, kids experience the wonder and awesome nature of our universe.

    • Teams discover how insects move their bodies to make their wings flap and fly!
    • Covered in oven mitts and shortening, kids experience how animals stay insulated and warm when it’s below freezing!
Day Camp Kids Laughing

Day Camp Nitty Gritty

Important things you oughtta know:

  • Each day you send your child to camp with a nutritious snack and cold lunch. We do not serve food.
  • We’ll play some water games and get a little wet sometimes, but swimsuits and towels are not required or necessary.
  • Lifetree Day Camps are filled with wild and energetic activities, but we pace ourselves so camp can be enjoyed all summer long. We consider it a perfect hybrid between adventure camp, STEM Camp, Bible camp, and sports camp.
  • We don’t take field trips – all of the fun happens right at camp!
  • Everything you need to know is in our Parent Handbook. This dives deep into the nuts and bolts of day camp, including policies and procedures.

Price and Payment

  • Each week of camp is $215. There is a 10% discount for siblings.
  • Choose 1 week of camp, or any combination of 7 weeks.
  • There is a one-time application fee of $25 per child for the summer.
  • A $35 deposit for each week of camp is due at the time of registration, along with the one-time application fee of $25 (described above). Another $50 payment is due for each week on May 1st.
  • Make easy payments in your online account any time between registration and the week before camp begins.